December 16, 2009

to haqqie :D

The time I spend with you is surprising
When I realize it, the date is already at its final stage
I don't want to let go, I don't want to return
Stop the time, I want to be together forever

The words to hide our awkwardness
The moments when our eyes met
The time we spent together
I wish they had all lasted longer
Your hand held mine until
You saw me off at the final train
Your nonchalant kindness makes me happy

If this were a fairy-tale
I'd instantly be able to go to a future with you
Every time, everyday, everything
Even if I don't put it into words
You are my special place
If I could be granted just one wish
Dear God, please stop time when we are alone together

When will we meet again?
No matter how many times I say it, I keep thinking about it
A half of me is anxious and the other half is hoping
This feeling won't change, maybe, surely
What do you think of me?

Every time, everyday, everything
Even if we were to go our separate ways, I'll hold us together
You are my special person
Every time, everyday, everything
I have faith. Even if time doesn't stop
If we're fated then we'd be able to see each other anytime, right?

been together for 2years, 7months and 2weeks. love you always XOXO

1 comment:

miss faten said...

gila ah, dah lama siyot bersama.
anywayy, aku doakan korang kekal.