February 06, 2012


while waiting for family outing season 1 to finished downloading, i suddenly remembered my blog. haha. i didnt come here to write anything, because err i simply didnt know what to write. saya seorang yang suka pendam? yeah, maybe. i like to talk to myself. in my brain. that's why sometimes aqie are frustrated because i kept silent. to think and talk in my brain haha. well its a habit.

by the way, its already 2012. means, i am, and all 91-liners, are already 21years old. the so-called mature age where you can just going out without permission from your parents. duhh, we are malaysian people. i still go out with permission. kalau tak, my mom will call and shout at me haha.

at 21 years old, i start to think about the future. married, working, responsibility, and more. but, among them, married is the most thing that i worried about. i want to get married. i do. sometimes i felt going out with him almost everyday, hold hands, makes me think more that this is not good. i tried to talked to him about this, but when this topic started, he seems moody. i know, its because he taught about all the responsibilities he need to carry, and because we are so young and still studying.

but, i really want to go out with him as a married couple. so we can do whatever we want and takde orang yang akan persoalkan. besides, while kiamat is aprroaching, i want to at least get married and be a good wife. yet, i know that my parents will object this. being so young, and studying and all, apa nak makan? -.-

merepek je malam2.