December 08, 2010

hasssssssssss, pjaaaaaaaaa

sorry guys for being silent these holidays. i didnt have much stories to told you, or either i didnt have any stories. holidays is pretty dull to be honest. with no money to hang out, going out for window shopping is a torture to me haha.

i'm pretty busy at the moment, trying hard to improve my english. you know, having being addicted to korea, my english seems to be deteriorate. haha alasan kan, padahal ade sub english tu. ish3. i'm having my MUET next sem, and i wanna score well in that exam. my BEL for this sem is the worst, having the lowest carry mark from sem1-sem3. huhhhh so embarassing. so i've been reading english papers, novels, comics, magazines and anything in english. but it seems like it is still not enoughh.

has, pja, help meeee. mcm mane aku nk improve english nii. lebih2 lg speakingg T_T