March 28, 2011


my heart aches.

wahai hati, kuatlahh T_T

March 14, 2011

19th march 2011

hi guys.

almost half a year i think i didnt open up my blog. have been very malas and tired to menghadap and put my feelings into it. life these days, is a nightmare. i didnt study at all last week, and this week i need to struggle hard to study for 2 test and 1 quiz in the following week. but, too many works and events to do and happening really distract me. even if the family day was really fun, i cant let my mind off from thinking about my work and exam. aigoo~

since i'll also leave penang this weekend for Super Junior concert (wuhuuuu only this can make my mind wanders off from thinking bout study), so i really need to finish reading and memorizing all my notes by friday. hahh. dengan lab report kena buat esok, mlm ni tlg membe buat marketing plan, miserable btol. only 3 days left to study all those drugs, MOA, ADR, interactions and ape2 jelahh.

one things that i cant really tolerate it, is my statistics subject. although the subjects is easy and fun, as we have already learnt the topics during high school, but when we need to do a presentation based on what we are learning, mcm ape jeee. it has nothing to do with my course. aish3. pening memikirkannye.

and also my entrepreneurship subject. hah FYI, i LEARN business okeeee. dont think that pharmacy student doesnt learn and know about business. but most of us, (or should i say all of us?) reallyyyyyy hate that subject. we didnt hate the lecturer, the lecturers are the best, but we didnt like the subjects. we are still a diploma students, and after graduating, only if we have degree cert in pharmacy, then we can open up a pharmacy. then, why should we learn this subject now. da tentu2 la lupe kn nnt da tua. lame lg kot. almost 5years more to get a degree cert. aish3. ramai kot xpuas hati psl ni.

but then, i still need to struggle hard to achieve 3.8 cgpa for this sem. or else u will be seeing me in utm skudai taking another course next year. :)