November 08, 2011

midsem break

hi. i didnt like updating my blog at uni, so i only done this at home. but not everyday though. my break isnt like a break at all. i'll be super busy handling my JPA's scholarship, studying organic chemistry (T.T) and economics (-.-) for my exams, going out with my homies (done with hasliza today, hehe) and others. one week is surely not enough for us la adoiii. i need more ! >.<

i've already got my SUJU albums. huhu finally. and its worth waiting since version A's album is BIG and quite HEAVY hahaha. while ACHA is small, but its fine. i love it anyhow.

i bought one novel today, eventhough i'm not supposed to, since i'm pretty much broke -.- . and i love one sentence in it, to conclude my post today hehehe. malas nak tulis pnjg.

the hero spoke to a guy who's gatal with the heroin;

"Saudara tak perlu nak mencuba, dia hak saya"

pergh berbunga hati >.<