March 27, 2009


more to laugh than smile

first met at his house, which i had math tuition when i was in form 3.
we actually went to the same primary school, but i didnt know him as he moved to perak and came back here when we were in standard 6.
i'm going out with his friends, ikram but broke up in early feb or march i think.
than, i'm alone till pmr was over.
but around that time, i secretly like his other friends, i juz called him A (A is not his actual name ok. aku xnk orang tau !)
we went to the same tuition and i thought maybe, yeah MAYBE, he likes me.
after pmr's over, i told A that i like him. he said he dun want to have a relationship with anyone at that time. so thats that. full stop.

when i was in form4, ieka often messaging aqie. they started to be friends.
i'm not sure where she got his number though.
then, something comes to my mind and i thought that i wanted to also be friends with him.
so, i got his numbers from ieka and we started chatting.
he's a fine man. really.
for me, he treats girls he barely knows quite well, and i liked it when he somewhat layan me as thought we were good friends.
yeah, i admit i was kind of lonely before, so his existence cheered me up.
and when he first called me, i thought like,

waahh,, comelnyee suareee !!

haha, and he also told me my voice was cute.. ehe (blushed)
so, we chatting and calling each other, story about himself and my self.
and i was kinda surprised to know that he had a scandal before with one of her girl friends.
i started to like him somehow, but after i knew bout his scandal, i tried to distanced myself.
he just dun wanna let me do it. he said that gal was just a scandal, and for him i am his important person. i was delighted. VERY delighted.
well, my scandal is far too many than him actually.. blehhh
but i'm not really into them.

my belief is that, when i'm going out with someone,
i want that relationship to last long.

i'm not taking this relationship thing just for play.

ok, done. back to the story.
obviously, he is a very shy person who seldom gets along with girls. not like his friend, Raja.
to meet and know this type of person (aqie, i mean) was one of the 100. thousand, maybe haha.

after months we being as friends, and my feelings for him grow larger, i started to, you know, flirting (wahahahahahha lawakkk) no no i mean, try to make him feel close to me.
on the first count, we would call each other like this,

hye pakwe
hye makwe

something like that la. we take it as a joke at first, but that joke obviously brings us closer than before.

i confessed to him at first, and i told him not to be distracted by that, and just keep treating me like before. so all went well.

and then on 2nd may 2007, he confessed to me. well, all the details i keep in my heart haha. but, we had a little fight before i said yes. about his scandal haha.
girls nature is jealousy right, so dont blame it on me.

so up till now we've been together.
almost 2years.
and i have no doubt that i'm happy being with him.

from us

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