February 14, 2009

valentines day? boring.. -.-

first of all,,
happy valentines day !

aku wish ni doesn't mean i'm celebrating it.. cume wish shj.. nk mara marala..
today still like the other day..
morning, went 4 driving classes.(yea nex week aku qti !)
then, went home diambil oleh pkweku ehe..
afternoon,, eat, watch dvd,sleep,watch dvd..
too bored sucks !

ptg around 1pm pkweku keje..

ouh ye, last thursday aku pegi date kan..
thank god aku hanya jumpa natasya je..
tu pun dia menjerit macam nak sume orang kt area byr tickets movie 2 nk dengar..
haha.. why?
teetttt its a secret..!
only certain people who saw me that day knows about it..
ahh well, its a matter of time when that mulut murai natasya blurts out all my appearance that day to my friends..
oppss, :P lol
anyway, we have a great time that day..
no fighto fighto and he always looking straight into my eyes (blushed) lol

aqie, i love u sooo damn muchh !!!

p/s: currently i'm working on to improve my eeenglish lol so any mistakes u've seen through my
blog juz close ur eyes and buat2 xnampak ok ! :D


Pja said...

free hair la tuh huahuahuaa

Pja said...

aku kan terer~!! huahuahauhuaa