February 15, 2009

pizza ( idiot title :D )

i'm too bored right now because my boyfriend still not going back home yet..
and my internet connection was extremely slow grrr
and this anime i'm going to watch is uploading so extremely slooowww
(sebut gune care slow mode ok) :D

around 5 p.m tad, i went to angsana with my family,
(after buat muka taik sbb xkeluar XD )
and because i already promise them i'll belanja pizza hakhak..

meet rahmah my sweetest friend haha God knows how much i miss her..
we hug hug we kiss kiss pipi okk
and she asked blablabla.. too much too type..
and that one time, my mom was looking a kid shoes and said to her
"comelnyee kasut ni kn.. kecik jeee"
and rahmah said "haah tapi mahalll"
and my mom said "nanti bole adiah ntok cucu ni"
rahmah was laughing and i was like 'whaaaaatttt' with that word on my face ahaha..
sometimes my mom will be surprisingly sporting about me and aqie haha

and we were going to pizza hut..
my adik was.. err.. i dunno 'kind' maybe :D
he said something like
"ko nk spaghetti bolognaise ke yg putih ni?'
i was like, waaahhh mentang2 aku belanja wahahah
it's ok, i memang nk belanja diaorang pun..
so, we eat eat and costs me around RM80+-
mase makan tu, aku perasan la ade sorang abang piza ni tengok2 tempat aku..
he's good looking, but UNFORTUNATELY he's not really my type..
lagipun aku berpunyaaa sudahhhh :D
yeahh and now my money only left about 200++
my mom will be mad when she heard this..

this wednesday i will hangout with my geng..
yeaaaaa miss them soo muchh..

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