February 20, 2009


my internet have been seriously dead over these few days..
naseb adik aku yg macho lagi bergaya pandai btolkn =D

duduk di rumah, nothing to do..
aside from cleaning the house n cooking n doing homework stuff,
i will roll over n over on my bed..
sigh.. my life's dull..

last wednesday me kuar with rahmah,ieka n ema..
esya takde coz she has medical checkup or something on that day..
so, we went to 3 places..
angsana, cs n jj.. hakhak

at angsana..

ktorang maen boling.
duhh, almost 2years i'm not even touching the ball..
lucky i win haha..
then, we went to hot market, timbang2 berat..
and guess what..
berat aku naek !!!
wargh !!!
my weight is back to its usual weight before..
sigh.. ohh well
at least my weight is still under 45 kg =D

kitorang punye berat sume naek haha..
and ema as usual paling ringan, bout 32kg i think..
duhh ape ade dalam bdn die..

and then we went to cs..
walking around talking talking..
ieka wat the loudest of all.. urghh aku selotape mulut kang..
pegi mph..
i buy one novel, SEA OF LOVE by jamie ponti ahah xpnah dengar..
i personally love novels written by like jamie ponti, meg cabot and etc..

after that, we went to jj..
i have like hundred times went there..
urghh dunno where to put my face..
jumpa aqie sekejap and borak2..
i gave him two pictures of us yang aku cuci kat cs..

lepas tu..
around 7.30p.m aku balik..
my mom already called me scolding for going back home late..

yesterday aku buat qti..
naseb baek lulus haha..
i got about 82 only..
cikgu 2 bangang time aku buat die tak tengok pas2 belasah tick je kat kertas 2..

2.3 aku buat jpj..
doa doa la ku lulus !!!

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