February 24, 2009


dalam toilet jj.. byk lg gmbr, but i prefer this one. =D


errr.. what am i supposed to say..?
urm.. err..
(thinking deeply)

ouh ok aku da ingat. too slow lol

haritu mak aku sort of giving hint that i should find a job after i get my license..
job di luar rumah..
i know, i also think the same way..
unfortunately, at this time when the economy is zooming down,
memangla susah nk carik keje..

kt jusco, aku tau banyak vacancies..
like brand outlet, f.o.s, hush puppies etc..
but all of them reject ppl or girl precisely who wears tudung..
why the h*** 'tudung' menjadi halangan ntok dapat keje hah !!
don't think girls who wears tudung don't know how to style themselves..
maybe i'm not, but many of us does! (paham xpaham pe aku kesah !)
i'm so so soooo irritated.
and now i'm not in the mood at all to find a job..

but you know i have to..
my savings is gradually decreasing..
well, maybe i'll just try seeking at jj..
in jj to be specific..
be a cashier, or a promoter..
whatever, as long as i get money !

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