December 01, 2009

matrik =.=

oke, last week those who entered matric got their results rite?
and i was eager to know my friends result.
jadi minah kepoh.

the earliest person to told me his results, none other than aqie la of coz.
he told me he got 3.9
3.9????!! ya Allah, aku rase mcm nk ter tutttt ko tau.
dari syok2 tido pkul 10 lbeyh tu trus terbeliak mata aku bce msg die.
when did he became this clever.
not that i'm looking down at him, tapi bile tengok time die study before and during exam, he just like byase2 je. carefree sungguh.
aku yang takot dok sruh die studi =.=''

his mom was of coz la too happy when she heard that. my family pn. (eheheheh)
then, i didnt know my other friend's result.

oh yeee, the other person, ni mmg da xpayh ckp laa.
one of my best fren got 4flat. rahmah la sape lg.
4flat??!!! duhhhhh
i didnt know how she studied. but i do know that she's work hard, stay up late until 4a.m to achieved this result.
so, although i'm a bit jealous, err okay sangat jealous, i congratulated her.
budak genius byaselarr

bila tengok result dorang,
i suddenly felt something.
you know, regret.
i admit that i'm a bit disappointed when aqie got his really excellent result that i know i dont have a chance of getting it. err phm x agk2? =.=''
but i'm happy for him. at least aku bole bergantung pd die la nnt kan kehkeh

i'm a bit regret that i didnt enter matriculation in the first place.
i should have try but i'm afraid of trying.
i'm afraid to urge myself to try and study there before making a decision to stay there or leave it.
regret haunts me, everyday.
to make things worse, my life had been miserable these few days,
i didnt get the peaceful life i used to get when i'm coming home.

but, its too late to realized it now right?
i cant do anything to change it, turn back time or whatever.
i need to face this. i choose this path by myself.

ya Allah, permudahkan la urusanku.

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