November 24, 2009


i forgot how long i didnt post in english.
somehow my english seems to deteriorate over time.
geezzz pharmaceuticals word comes outt =.='

i have headache, and a week of flu gn coughing. aiyooo when will it get better.
i wanna go out, but my money urge me not to do so.
haha only left bout rm5++
i dont want to touch my savings, duhhh cepat je habis nnt.

my life's kind of dull these past few days, so i dont have any story to share.
i miss my friends back there at uitm,
and my old friends here.
it seems like they have changed, you know, considerably.
but, i've changed too didnt i.

i'm not quite sure what to talk about with my old friends anymore.
we study at different places, meet diff people.
all story bout new friends, new scandal are bored to talk to.
its not like i dont like discussing it, you know, but not too often.
we just chat sometimes, say hii when are you going back home laugh laugh ect ect and then bye.
how i really want things to go back the way it should before.
but, somehow i'm not regretting it.

i'm not in the mood.
i need someone to cheer me up, honestlyy :(

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