June 12, 2009

the truth is revealed one by one.

first, i know about him cheating on me. fine, i forgive him anyway. since he said he never do that again. he declared i am his first love. ngahahah prasan sekejap. second, just now he said that a cpl of ppl PENGARUH (pengaruh english ape? =.=) him to cheating on me. and one of them is none other than my previous boyfriend. cool huh? ni yang aku tak suka kalau suka mereka yang berkawan sesama mereka ni.

hey hey *****, why you did that to him. to me? i know he's not doing it 100% of his choice. i know him better than anyone when it comes to our love blerghh. he's a good guy. everyone knows that. now i really feel i want to slap you hard on the face. bia muke awak tu ade kesan2 kegeraman dan kekecewaan saya. sampai hati awak kan.

okay, yeah, i personally THOUGHT maybe i was wrong before till you decided that we should broke up. at that time, i feel dissapointed, i cried half the night after you called, still didnt want to believe that we are no more than friends. last year, one of your friends told me the truth. that i'm not the one at faults actually. its you. he told me that since before we broke up, you always search something that will lead to misunderstanding about us. you really wanna broke up with me just after like 3-4 months we've been together? thats so SWEET of you.

blerghhh. and i was wrong. DEEPLY wrong. i thought you are my destined person. my friends told me you are almost a perfect guy. they have huge respect for you and told me continuously that i was lucky. lucky huh? =.=. and saya tau awak tak sayang saya mcm yang awak selalu cakap tu bukan? mase mula2 kite couple je saya percaya. you destroyed what i thought to be one of the precious thing in my life. YOUR LOVE. after we broke up, you promise that someday we will be back together. hah. as if.

you ruined my love life before and now you are still doing it? urghhh i don't care about you anymore. about your girlfriend or your ex or anything about you. why must you disturb my life again. saya tak kacau hidup awak dah. no more intan farhana in your life. except we are friends. if i say so. oh i already said it. oke whatever.

please, don't ruined it again. he's really precious to me. find someone else good for you. you are just pretending to be deeply in love with me before. i know that already. but still, thanks. coz you accept me and treat me well sepanjang kite couple dulu. done. past is the past. it will never come back. and please i don't want to waste my tears for somebody like you. i've had enough.

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intan_tenot said...

aku suke la siyoot post ni wahahahahhah