June 12, 2009

bak kata has, hak adoii XD

the title have nothing to do with the post.
just go with the flow~
ahaha mrepek.

my love life is fine these few days.
hope he realised his mistakes and never do that again.
although i'm not sure if i'm able to not forgive him.
love is blind. duhhh

a few days before i've been thinking about something.
something i really regret not to do that before.
and i have to pay for the price. =.=

i really admired some of my friends who got scholarships.
they were very good as well as i know.
no wonder la dapat.
jealous, yeahhh.
unlike me. =.=
but, i know, i'm not capable enough in their eyes that i can worship the scholarships.
so, i'm stuck here, no choice at all and need to go to penang.

sometimes, i wonder,
if my life will still be the same if i didnt get flying colours for SPM.
but i know i will regret it later.

well, this is life i guess.
once in a lifetime, we need to go far to build our self-esteem, and be a better person than before.
hope it does with me.

p/s: yan, moga kite berjumpa di penang nnt wahahah


Anonymous said...

aku boedy from indonesia pa kabar...

Anonymous said...


intan_tenot said...

dr indonesia?
ouhh kbar baikk.