May 02, 2009


i askes hasz to semak my upu result.
and surprisingly, i got DIPLOMA FARMASI UITM.
when hasz told me that, i was like
alaaaa ape ke hal diplomaa

so me, with ieka and rahmah got the same course and the same place. -.-
my abang sayang also got UITM for DIPLOMA PERAKAUNAN.
when we finally get the same place, we got the worst course.
no not worst, i'm trying to figure out what is the best word to explain it.
urm, terrifying? no. unneeded? no. urm. unwanted course? yeah. maybe.
bkan same mksd ke unneeded gn unwanted? wahaha lantak la.

i don't have any choice now.
seems like i need to go to matriculation then.
yeah, NEED and not WANT ahahaha

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