April 21, 2009


that's what i feel.
miserable because we might be separated.
he's going to matriculation,
while i'm stuck here thinking whether i want to go to matrics or waiting for upu.

dissapointed because i didn't get to go to johor matrics,
instead i get n9 matrics.
johor is my 1st choice, n9 is my 3rd choice.
bagilaa aku johorrr tuuu
i really want to go to matrics if i get a place in johor.
i can meet lots of my old friends there.

and i CAN study !.
the truth is that i can study hard if i have my friends back.
like rahmah n syafiqah,
they are my rivals when it comes to study.
without them, i will be in trouble.

i tried making my roommate my rivals back when i was a student in mrsm muar.
but i can't because they hardly talk to me, hardly study together and hardly doing all those friendly stuff.
they only mind their own business.
i thought that i am not belong there.
and all i did when i back to my room after school is over is sleep.
sleep most of the time.
even in the prep class or even in the actual class i will sleep.
i don't know why, since sleeping is not my habit before i enrolled in mrsm.
after 1months and my habit is still not change,
i followed my instinct and i decided to come back here. to my home.
surprisingly i was right.
and now i'm confused to follow my instinct again or not.

i'm seriously in depressed right now.
oh GOd, help me pleaseee..

1 comment:

Naddia :) said...

babe, cool la. jgn stress k. kat mane pun or who is our friends, yg penting diri kte kan. so chill k? :P