March 12, 2009

yeayy. i've got more than i expected. =D

tad pegi skola, around 10 something giitu la..
nk srpn pn xsmpt since rahmah called me sruh dtg cpt2..
da dtg, cikgu rabiah kate result die bg at 11++..
aku dah ceyhhhh.. mkn pn xsmpt..

mase cikgu rabiah n cikgu rosie keluar pejabat, they seem too happy, n looked at rahmah n syafiqahh..
n i was like, alaaaa aku teruk laa ni..
cikgu rabiah tercakap kt syafiqah that she's got straight a's.
rahmah trus menangis haha..
n then i terdengar cikgu said both of 'em got straight a's ceyhhh..
everyone knows that i think..

and then cikgu hugged me and said

"tahniah, cume syg kamu b est"
"eyh, abes yang laen cikgu?" (dgn mke blur)

she jus smiled...
so, aku tunggu la smpi pkul 11..
pengetua with cikgu hazlina naek ats pentas and they said something and blablabla..
how am i supposed to hear with all the bisingness there and all the nervousness in me..

then she, i mean pengetua la, announced the resultss..
and she called my name, and i was like arghhhhh..
damn, i never thought my name would be called..
i mean, i'm not that clever ok..
and seems like i've got the same 7a1 like syafiqah and rahmah..
its just my est was b4 and others are a2.
xpe xpe redha redha.. :)

i've got more than i targeted before..
in previous post, i said i'll maybe flunk bio n physics rite?
my biology is a1..
and my physics is a2
what the heckkk..
kat skola dlu nk dpt a pn jauh sekalii..
i've got an a2 before for physics, but not for biology wahahha..
even cikgu rosie pun terkejut..

ouh yee,
and my boyfie got 7a's
waahhh i'm so proud of him..
yela, xbanyak lelaki yang dapat result bgs dlm exam..
my mother in law XDD was extremely happy haha

i'm glad it turns out well for me..

congrats to all !

p/s: ayah, hp sony w705 satu ! XD


i.a.m.r said...

congrats intan!

Anonymous said...

congrats kak!

asilah zafirah said...

ok lahh tuh,
congrats sygs:DD