March 13, 2009


yesterday i was happy, too happy that maybe i'd hurt someone feelings..
n yesterday night, i cried.
its been a long time since i cried like that..

i'm too sad. she blaming me for something i think i'm innocent.
we were friends, since we first took a first step to high school. (middle school?)
but, she told her guy friends who barely knew her bout her problem, and not us.. not me..

well, maybe she feel secured sharing her problem or anything else with her friends better than us..
i'm not good enough for her.

i don't know.
maybe i was too emotional.
she was sad yesterday, and maybe i'd said something harsh to her.
yea, i'm sorry..

i just don't want this thing become bigger,
but i couldn't just sit here while u attack me like that..

kalau ko makan ati dgn aku,
aku lg byk makan ati gn ko..
aku byk smpn dlm ati sbb aku nk jga ati ko..
aku xsuke gado2 la, xtgur la ape..

darn, because of this, i'm in no mood at all today.
i even treat my boyfie coldly..
urgh so sorry hny..

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