March 20, 2009


not many things going on in my life this past few days..
so, i don't have anything to talk here..

these past days, i'm confused on what course i should take for my future
i already submitted my choice 2times, and i have only 1 chance to kemaskini n i still confuse
what course to choose.
my dad slow talk to me petang tadi, n he said better take course yang boleh menjamin masa depan. sng dapat keja.
i thought like getting a job is not easy right..
we have to fill in the application, go to an interview and blablabla..

almost all my choice for upu include science and pharmacy..
and 1 choice in kejuruteraan kimia and another 1 is kimia perindustrian.

i seriously love chemistry, so i thought i want to pursue my studies including it.
tapi, after thinking about it, i would like to take course on perniagaan or sumber manusia.
i mean, for me, its cool working in a company, and have your own office.
(obses after reading some novels -.- )

i'm madly confused right now.
syafiqah and rahmah also took pharmacy,
and it will be good for 3 of us.

but i would want to take perniagaan or something related to that.
i don't want my studies for 10 or contoh 15 years will be wasted.

can anyone help me?
any advice?

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