November 22, 2012


salam. i'm thinking of closing this blog. deleting, removing whatever soon. there's nothing to write here anymore, with all those memories of him still lingers here. i'm not fond of that. as you know, we broke up 2months ago. he asked for it, many times, and after full considerations, lepas kesabaran saya yang makin hari makin tipis, i gave in. saya bagi ape yang die nak. and Alhamdulillah, saya lebih tenang. dengan hidup hari hari gaduh, hari hari mintak break, sape yang bole bertahan? i've stayed long enough. i hope you are happy. i hope you will find someone better than me. love her, like her, take care of her much more the way you take care of me. and i will choose my own happiness, and hoping someone that can love me more the way i love him will come one day. still dalam proses mengenali, but, i'm happy nonetheless. and i realise one thing, thing i dont want to acknowledge it before this, thing you've said to me before. yes, we are more like friends than couple. truthfully, you are right. and i'm sorry.

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