March 12, 2010

endless moment.


Living in this cold world,
I forgot what was precious,
As I wandered through the dark streets,
I couldnt help but cry

For a very long time,
I've been waiting for you,
For someone who's just like me,
I want to give you everything
to fill up those lonely moment

My endless moment pray, for you

I cant envision myself without you,
without you,
I want us to be unaware
of the word 'separation' forever

Even a little smile from you,
bring me happiness,
I'll make a promise to you,
this isnt a dream

Many days will pass
and I'll still be yours
My shining moment, forever

There are times
when my hasty feeling cause trouble
So lets only remember the good memories..

I'll never desire anyone else but you...

crkla kt youtube, dgr. sedapp.

~its too good to be true if someone give this to me~
tapi, entah, takkan ada kot.


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