October 22, 2009


last couple of weeks i was like cacing kepanasan at my college,
missing my home, my family, aqie keh3
my roomate dengar lagu at the loudest volume and i damn seriously cant study.
grrrr sound byk kali sudahh and it was still the same

i've got my test marks and carry marks before i got home.
tau tak carry mark tu ape budak2? wahahaahah
overall my result was okay and i got the highest marks for bio test 2 and for carry marks.
wuhuuuu tak pernah dlm sejarah bio aku terer kott.

but, my friends seems like they didnt like me much.
because of my voice, or myself, i don't know.
but they make friends with me all the same.
i'm just a human, like you.
surely i'm not perfect as you are right.
i just have few that i can consider as real friends.


and one thing that utterly shocked me the most last week,


seriously, why the heck did they gave me the letter when i'm about to finish my 1st sem in uitm?
time aku wat rayuan arituh xnak plak bagi kann.
all my friends urge me to go there, but i don't really want too.

my life was okay at uitm, i make new friends, i met many people, i can wear what i want to wear as long as tutup aurat, so why bother?
even if i go there, i don't think i can excel. bioscience means i need to study physics right?
urghhh xnak xnakk aku xnk physics.
aku da byasekn diri belajar farmasi daa.

janganlah peningkan kepala otak aku ni.
next wednesday da final exam tau !!

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