August 31, 2009

lame tidak meng-posting

halu halu guys.
da lame xpost blog kan kan.
i just read a few of my fren's blog, but didn't feel like wanna add one in mine.

so, sepatutnya i will going back home this merdeka week, but unfortunately i have those ppkp for part 1 student, so nak xnak kna attend jugak.
pija, we have the same fate wahahah

but, it turns out that ppkp was good actually. the lecturer is way better than i thought of. we had a lot of fun during the LDK and other stuff. and i meet one hansome guy waaahhh and i keep glancing at him whenever i got the chance. and i think he knows bcs he keep looking at my side too XDD pity the lecturer didn't ask if we have cpl or not.
during the ppkp, the lecturer always called out my name. like one time when we was told to draw our face and wrote our good and bad side, he was like this.

"okay, ni orang last saya panggil eh. hm"
screening the attendance name,
"hm, intanlah"
and i was
"hah? oh okay. and blablabla"

every modul in every session he will called out my name and ask for my opinion or whatever. oh mann i think i seldom get this kind of attention actually. wahahah. oh and, bcs of part 1 students have more boys than girls, my group have 6 girls and 13 boys. yeahh its great isn't it?
saje nak buat 'budak2' tu jeles kahkahkah.

in one modul the lecturer ask what we wanna be if we are animals. he ask me FIRST as i sat beside him aahahah.

"intan, nak binatang ape?"
"hah? aaaa kucing. sebab kucing tu comel."
"kire awak pun comel la eh?"
"eh tak la. kucing tu yang comel."

see see? i didn't say i comel, he said that. hehe. okay2 whatever. terlbeyh plak.

last two weeks i have so many test and quiz, i study hard mcm bontot and the results was okay i guess. math test was really bad and i don't know what i answered. sheesshh.
my bio test was okay, i got B+. ict i got A+ :D. chemistry also A+. yeayyyyy

da laa. banyak nak citer tapi laen kali okay.

and this friday aku balek yeayyyy.

bye guys.

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