July 08, 2009


change of plann.
sorry guyss.
i'm not going to come back home this weekend.
i have ceramah what-the-fish kind of thing this saturday from 8 to 5p.m
i'm thinking of running away from it, but my friend said i'll get tindakan tatatertib if i lari2.
i miss my homiee la deyyyyy
i wanna go homeee.

in fact, i've already booked ticket for this saturday.
it cost me a fortune after i change the date to august.
suka na nak aku susahkan mak aku.

so, i'll be home on 24th of july and 28th of august.
lame lagiii =.='''

aku cepat rase mengantuk these past few days.
at home, pukul 3 pun belum tentu aku tidor lagi hahah.

esok aku takde kelas langsung hoyeahhh jangan jelesss.

i'm kinda surprised since i can adapt myself here a little too fast.
satu kejayaan untuk aku wahahha

okelah, takde cerita.
and i'm kinda sleepy right now.
so, till then guys.

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