June 14, 2009

ohhhh sighh

damn. suddenly i feel like i wanna crying. tadi my cousin came and we have a talk about my studies and her friends and others. haha. time dorang nak balek tuh, my uncle and my aunt said good luck to me, and my aunt suddenly hugged me haha. she's never done this to me before. i was startled.

my uncle asked my father to let me study poli in singapore. poli tu bagus. most of the top malaysia chinese students enrolled there. tapi poli tu sangatlah mahal haha.

lepastu tadi tiba2 terpkir plak pasal masa depan. takutla seyh. aku siyes ni aku takut. perghh
macam nak menangis siyoot bila pikir. cousin aku pun terkejut aku pegi sane sorang2. =.=
what can i do? its for my future. i really need to endure it. arghhhhhhhh tinggal 2minggu je =.='''

damn i'm seriously in depressed right now. MAMA!!!

1 comment:

nuryn said...

dun worry kak intan.
u'r not alone anyway.

'come high or hell water,
he's always there.
it's ALLAH.'