May 05, 2009

finally? maybe.

after days i've been busier thinking about my future,
which course i want to take,
and bla bla bla,
i made this decision more than half heartedly.

i am going to further my studies in Uitm for Diploma in Pharmacy.

yeahh. i know some of you may think that it is unwise for me to take dip,
because of my good results,
but i thought about it for a while and i agree with my family and my teachers,
that pursue my studies for dip is a good decision. better.

most of them who agreed with me said that,
it will be hard for me to apply pharmacy when i'm going to matrics,
as the competition will be a lot tougher.
and i might get course that are totally out of my future plan.
mcm apply pharmacy, but dapat engineering.
i'm fine with engineering if u ask me wahaha.
but i want pharmacy.

then cikgu rabiah said just go to Uitm,
since i am interested in pharmacy.
so that my future will not ruin wahaha merepek.
eleyhh tp aqie die suruh g matrik.
xaciii :D

i just need to confirm which campus of Uitm will be my next step.
if, i get Uitm segamat, i'm telling you i'm not going.
i just wanna go if i get shah alam, which are their main campus.
so, let see if i get that or not.

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aten aje? said...

ahaha mentah2 segamat tu kat hulu tak mo pegi xD