April 01, 2009

sime darby.

tadi azwan gave me sime darby website to know if i get the sholarships or not.
then, i log in then i tekan submit.
guess what the result is.


oh yeahhh..
tapi tengok die tulis rejected cm a bit funny la.
like naddiaa said, rase cm terhina je die tulis rejected haha.

well, to be honest i was expecting this to happen.
as i think i'm not completed the form.
but i think i have completed it.
ok whatever.

i think one of the reason my application was rejected is because
in one part where they want my spm results,
i put all of it, but not sejarah.
i just realised it bout 2days ago when i check my application.
ouh and when i saw it, i was like
'damn, aku mst xdpt niyh'
haha. too bad i didn't checked it before i submitted it.
but, then, i think about it, knape aku xletak result sejarah tu ek.
jeez taula aku terer sejarah haha XD
i'm an idiot.

but, many of my frens, no, not many,
just 2ppl as far as i know who applied for sime darby XD
naddia n azwan.
naddia's luck is the same as mine (yeaahh highfive sket hha)
while azwan is currently waiting for the result.
he checked before and it says 'kept in reference'
maybe azwan punye die belum tengok kot.

but that guy is really nervous.
keep urging me to pray for him.
and he said he obviously can't get it.
as some of his frens who got 10A's also got rejected.
i juz said to him to relak, n not letting his guard down.
counsellor la knon.

i also apply yayasan bank rakyat, maybank, hongleongbank, mara and others. forgot.
well, i'll juz hoping i'll get one of these scholarships.

p/s: for those yang xknal naddiaa, she's my ms fren. ehe. promote cket. :P

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Naddia :) said...

haha. ok btw. sye la naddia yg hana ni maksudkan. hehe. :) sime darby agak kelakar. :)