April 03, 2009

1st tag XDXD

Tagged by faten.
yela die kate follower pengikut bole ape.
aku smgt niyh :D

5 things in my bag
*aku slalu kua just bwk wallet gn hp je. so klau bwk beg pn ni kot ade;
~opti-free, aer ntok contact lens aku.
~camera (kalau rajen)

5 things in my wallet :D

~pic aku gn aqie
~sgale card2 yg ade.

5 favourite things in my bedroom

~katil. urghhh
~all my novels
~hp (haha ade kena mengena ke?)

5 things i wish to do

~sleeepppp. i'm too tired balek date.
~read novels baru beli yeaaaa
~try new contact lens pun baru beli yeaaaa
~watch dvds baru beli yeaaaa
~doing my mara essay -____-

5 things i'm doing right now

~doing this thing.
~reply comment on myspace
~messaging my bf sruh balek.
~looking around my room (rindu haha)

5 people i would like to tag

~followers pun bole.

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