March 05, 2009


everyone knows spm result will come out soon..
yang blum amek pun sebok2 jugak nk tau haha jkjk

i don't really care actually. urm. yea. i care. i do really care. -_______-

i mean, its not really worth it to be scared or nervous bout it at this time. (although i do feel nervous haha gilerr)
u just did it, its already end,
n see how good u were in your spm result.

i know, i perfectly know that i'm not clever like some of my friends, but i tried to get the results that i want.
but i don't know if i really did get the results that i want. haha
i'd did the best i can..

even, maybe i flunk bio n physics. haha i really not good in bio.
i'm used to be err good enough in physics though..
yeah right whatever.

this week was pretty bad for me n him..
almost everyday we'll argue or fighting.
bcoz of my ego n his ego aha..
idk, seems our relationship ade trun dan naeknye jugak..
we kind of far apart these few days..
he's working everyday n i just sit at home do nothing except doing all the house chores..
kecuali lipat baju ! i'll pass mom !

well, i'm just babbling in this post.

yang merepek dan meraban,
intan farhana

1 comment:

.nuryn. said...

u hav tryin ur best rite?
then forget da past n think bout da future k!